Start free. Pay as you grow.

Start building for free. Upgrade to a paid plan for production workloads.

Everything developers and small teams need to build their prototypes
Up to 500MB database storage
Up to 1GB file storage
Up to 30MB file uploads
Up to 10,000 monthly active users
Basic User Profiles
Community Support
Limit of 1 free workspace
$20 / month / workspace
Everything you need for production workloads
5GB database storage
50GB file storage
1GB file uploads
50,000 monthly active users
Custom User Profiles
Basic Row-Level-Security
Social Login
Email Support
Contact Us
Bring enterprise level scalability, security and compliance to your application
Custom database storage
Custom file storage
Unlimited monthly active users
Advance Row-Level-Security
Uptime SLAs
Dedicated Support
Everything developers and small teams need to build their prototypes
500 MB database storage
1 GB file storage
10,000 MAUs
Basic User Profiles
Bring enterprise level scalability, security and compliance to your application
Contact Us
Unlimited database storage
Unlimited file storage
Unlimited MAUs
Advance Row-Level-Security
Uptime SLAs


Which Appteum plan is right for me?

Our Free plan is suitable for personal, prototype use cases. Professional is for production applications that can scale. Enterprise is for large-scale workloads with enterprise-level scalability, security, and compliance.

Who can use Appteum?

Appteum is built by developers for developers. Any technical user that can use an API and/or an SDK can start building their app or MVP.
From day one we were focused on the development experience and the flexibility of our users.

What can I build in Appteum?

Appteum is ideal for building internal apps, MVPs or any other app that requires a backend system.

Appteum's flexibility is what it makes it powerful. As soon as you define your data model and security, you can use either our API or SDK and start building your idea. Forget everything about the database, Auth and APIs, we take care of all that for you.

What is a Workspace?

A Workspace is an isolated environment where you configure the backend of your application.

What does Appteum do?

Appteum is a low-code platform that provides all the backend features (database, authentication, APIs etc) to build your app at a fraction of the time typically required.

Start in three simple steps:
1) Configure your data model - Create your objects, fields and relations using our simple untiutive UI
2) Configure who can see what - Define the security access each user can have on your data
3) Consume your data - Use our API to query and interact with your data based on the build-in security you defined.

Is Appteum secure?

Security is always our number one priority as we further build and improve the Appteum platform.

Appteum is built on AWS, that means our infrastructure benefits from the same security certifications that AWS is compliant with, such as SOC 2, CSA, ISO 27001 and more.
Each workspace data is encrypted at rest using AWS AES-256 encryption.
An app's data is protected at the application level via user defined data access configuration.

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